What has a lawyer said that made you question their expertise?

What’s one thing you’ve heard a lawyer say that made you question their expertise?

I was in court for a hearing in a divorce action where opposing counsel objected to a question I asked on the grounds that the question was irrelevant, given that the parties were already divorced, which would have been a good objection were it not for the fact that the parties were not yet divorced. 

In another divorce case opposing counsel wanted my client to pay alimony in excess of my client’s gross income. 

Another attorney I was working against in a divorce case involving infidelity on the part of the wife tried to claim that if a child born to a white mother who is married to a black man has white skin that proves that the black man cannot be the child’s father. 

I appeared in court for a hearing where I was so confident that I would win the motion that when I got to the courthouse I handed opposing counsel the very same notes I intended to use to make my argument before the judge. I had hoped that by showing opposing counsel my notes, she would concede the argument. She did not. I don’t know what opposing counsel was thinking, but in ostensible support of her position she read verbatim from my notes that I handed her. She lost. Of course. 

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