My spouse owes me child support, but we are both almost homeless.

How do I find assistance if I own a business with a spouse that owes money in child support, yet we are unable to support ourselves and at risk of becoming homeless without the assistance we need? 

Depending upon your jurisdiction, you may have some options to protect your income from being garnished or otherwise taken from you to pay the debts and obligations of your spouse that you are not obligated to pay. It may not be an option that you exercise through the divorce or child custody court. It may mean that you have to restructure the business organization. But the good news is that you likely have a way of preventing your own income or assets from being confused with your spouse’s income and assets and a way of preventing your own income and assets from being seized to pay the debts and obligations of your spouse. This is something that most laypeople cannot do on their own or figure out how to do properly or most effectively on their own. This is a situation where you’d be jumping over dollars to pick up dimes if you try to do this on your own instead of paying an attorney to assist you. 

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