Law from a legal assistant’s point of view, week 45

By Quinton Lister, legal assistant 

I work for a divorce attorney, but I am not pro divorce. I understand that if there were no divorces I would be “out of a job”, but that still does not mean I have to like divorce. That being said, I think that divorce attorneys offer a valuable service, especially to those who have a vengeful or, for lack of a better term, “crazy” ex-spouse.  

I have seen firsthand the tactics many unscrupulous divorce attorneys and their clients will use to prolong divorce proceedings, or to get extra money that the law does not guarantee to them. I have seen the damage that is the result of lawyers and their clients treating divorce like a zero-sum game.  

If your ex-spouse is treating you maliciously and/or unjustly (and I mean “unjust” in the sense of breaking the law in their treatment of you), then you owe it to yourself and your family to consult with and hire a good attorney. Hire an attorney who is both skilled and moral. Hire a lawyer who will do his/her best to help you and the other party comply with the law and resolve issues equitably and in a timely manner.  

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