Week 3: Being a Legal Assistant

The following five things are the top things I do each week as a new legal assistant:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Emails
  3. Help complete documents/form and file them
  4. Review information/evidence
  5. Attend hearings virtually


  1. PHONE CALLS: I make phone calls to ask clients for more information, collect payments, schedule appointments with clients/potential clients, and schedules hearings with the courts.
  2. EMAILS: As my boss says, “Every phone call should receive an email.” So, following any phone call I make – I make an email. I am emailing clients for more information/following up with clients, sending payment reminders/receipts and I also follow up with the courts.
  3. HELP COMPLETE DOCUMENTS/FORM AND FILE THEM: I help complete documents and forms – and sometimes I file them. Currently, I just do a lot of the basic information on the documents – names, case information, etc.
  4. REVIEW INFORMATION/EVIDENCE: I review a lot of information for our cases – I look for what could be beneficial and ask to follow up questions to the clients to make sure that we are very through on our side.
  5. ATTEND HEARINGS VIRTUALLY: I attend hearing virtually. Since I am still very new to this job – seeing hearing helps me understand and see how what I do in the office makes an impact om the courts.

Anyways, see you next week.

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