What are two lines of work that fit together well?

What are two lines of work that fit together well? For example, a remodeling contractor and a divorce lawyer.

I do not believe a lawyer or client would really want to interact with each other any more than necessary. I wouldn’t want to remodel my divorce client’s home, and I doubt that my client would want me remodeling his/her home either. 

But now you have me thinking. Perhaps one could practice law and write novels. The problem there is that if you’re really good at one of the two, you’re likely to be pretty mediocre at the other and want to give up the “sideline” as more trouble than it’s worth. That’s what John Grisham did (after he hit it big as a novelist he stopped practicing law and—based upon the scornful way he describes the practice of law and lawyers in his novels—joyously never looked back). 

It’s extremely hard to practice law profitably on a part-time basis, I can’t think of another line of work that fits together well with the practice of divorce law other than perhaps teaching a law class or two in law school or college. Even then, it wouldn’t be a “I have two part-time jobs I work equally” situation; you’d still be practicing law full-time. 

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