Lyndsey: Week Nine of Being a Legal Assistant

Nine weeks into my job here are my favorite and least favorite parts of my job.

We’ll start off with my favorites.

I really enjoy talking to our clients and learning what is going on in their lives and in their cases. (It helps me have a more drama-free life myself, since there is an endless supply of drama at work in a divorce lawyer’s office).

I enjoy editing and posting videos that we make here. It fun to make sure the timing is as good as I can get it, it’s like a little challenge. And it’s a pretty calming part of my job.

I also enjoy filling out forms and filing them when I can do them right by myself, which doesn’t happen very often, yet. I’ll get there eventually.

Least favorite things are first and foremost, trying to get in contact with other lawyers who refuse to talk to us or respond to our e-mail messages. I don’t like being a pest, but when they won’t answer you have to be persistent, which these kinds of lawyers will self-servingly claim is not persistence but “harassment” or the like. It’s lame, it’s tiresome, and it’s counterproductive of them.

Another of my least favorite things is being in videos. Do you know how weird it is to edit videos you are in yourself? It’s weird.

So there you have it: three of my favorite and two of my least favorite parts of being a legal assistant. There are other pros and cons in this job, but these are a few I thought you might find interesting for me to share with you this week.


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