Lyndsey: Week 10 of Being a Legal Assistant

When in an argument or a disagreement most people want to get in the last word or win. I think that’s no different with people who are going through a divorce. In fact, I feel like the feeling to beat someone you once loved or shared a life with makes getting in the last word and/or winning even stronger.

We always hear about different ways people have acted in revenge against their former friends and significant others. Putting fish in curtains, slashing tires, leaking embarrassing pictures, but I think that there is another form of revenge that isn’t talked about as much: using and abusing the courts for revenge. Those who do so have been hurt, so they want others to hurt. Misery loves company.

So far in my ten weeks as a legal assistant in a divorce and family law practice, I have seen people who are already divorced file motions and petitions to modify their divorce decrees, and not for any good reason besides revenge or sticking to their ex. And they don’t care who gets hurt, even if they get hurt. They’ll seek to modify the child custody award just to scare and intimidate a good parent. They’ll try to block kids from enrolling in school. They’ll accuse a clearly decent parent of being anything but. There is a lot of pain in family and divorce law, much of which is caused needlessly by a desire to cause the other spouse or parent to suffer.

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