Lyndsey: Week 13 of Being a Legal Assistant

Cheery Blog

I feel like in the past twelve weeks of being a legal assistant and in my last twelve videos I have been a bit pessimistic. But I have decided for my thirteenth week and thirteenth video I will try to be cheery. Today I will be talking about aspects of the legal system that bring me joy. We will start off with people who respond, and respond on time, to my emails. That brings me great joy. Any job in the legal world cannot get done without other people communicating timely, getting the work fully done, and by the deadlines. Having cheery conversations with firm clients also brings me joy. It is nice to talk and chat with people you are working for and are trying to help. It is also joyful when other lawyers work towards the best interest of their clients as well. It builds my faith in the world when I see other lawyers who are not taking advantage of their clients or opposing parties and helping them to dispose of their cases quickly, inexpensively and fairly. Well, next week I’ll likely go back to being pessimistic, but I hope you enjoyed a bit of cheer this time around.

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