In a Divorce, Why Do Courts Want to Know About Other Persons Living in the Home, Not Involved in the Divorce and Their Income?

There could be many reasons. Here are a few of the most common (not an exhaustive list, but a list of many reasons why a court may want to know about other persons (and/or their income) living in a spouse’s/parent’s home, even if such persons are not directly involved in the divorce action):

  • Do these persons (or does this person) share living expenses with the parent with whom they reside? This question may arise when determining what the child support or alimony awards will be.
    • If so, how much do such persons contribute toward the spouse’s/parent’s living expenses?
  • Do these persons (or person) pose a danger to the parties’ children (if the parties have minor children and there is a dispute over what the child custody award is and shall be)?
    • Are they violent? Do they have violent friends or associates?
      • Do they abuse the parent?
      • Do they abuse the children?
    • Are they pedophiles?
    • Do they engage in criminal activity? Do they have friends or associates who engage in criminal activity?
    • Are they drug or alcohol abusers or addicts?
    • Are they emotionally and/or psychologically abusive toward the parent and/or children?
    • Do they engage in needlessly dangerous or risky activities in the house and around the children?
    • Do such persons contribute to the household expenses? Or are they a drain on the parent financially or emotionally, causing the parent or children to suffering financial and/or emotional hardships as a result?
    • Do they set a bad moral example for the children?

These are common and highly relevant reasons why a court may be interested to know about who lives with a spouse or parent, what kind of people such persons are, whether such persons have an income, and if so, how much their incomes are.


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