Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Support Hearing?

If you’re smart, yes.

If you’re cautious, yes.

If you’re not penny wise and pound foolish, yes.

Why? The law and the legal system are not intuitive. Courts are generally not that patient, friendly, or all that sympathetic with people either. If you think that you can simply go to court for a friendly chat and that you “reason” with the opposing side’s lawyer and/or the court, think again. People who are not lawyers and who try to handle legal matters without a lawyer’s representation almost always regret it, whether immediately or over the long term. Child support is no exception.

Divorce and family law lawyers exist and make money because what they know about the law how to navigate the legal system has value to those who don’t work within the legal system. In other words, the cost of a good lawyer is greater than the savings (or costs, if you will) of going it alone. Yes, there are many divorce and family lawyers who are incompetent and/or cheats. They are useless—often worse than useless—and they are to be avoided like the plague (take care in vetting who your lawyer will be). But a knowledgeable, skilled, diligent lawyer is worth the fees he/she charges.

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