I Filed Exhibits Electronically. The Court Clerk Has Returned Them for Not Having Exhibit Stickers on Them. I Can’t Find a Store in My Area That Carries the Stickers. Would the PDF Exhibit Stickers Meet Court Requirements, or Should I Order Some?

When in doubt, ask the court clerk. If the clerk won’t answer your question or you don’t believe the clerk’s response is accurate (or honest), find the rule (if there is one) governing the marking of exhibits to see if the rule addresses and resolves the question. If that doesn’t work, call or meet with one or more experienced lawyers who may from their own personal experience know the answer to your question.


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Eric Johnson’s answer to I filed exhibits electronically. The court clerk has returned them for not having exhibit stickers on them. I can’t find a store in my area that carries the stickers. Would the PDF exhibit stickers meet court requirements, or should I order some? – Quora


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