What Famous Court Cases’ Outcomes Were Strongly Influenced by Little-Known Definitions or Uses of Common Words?

I remember a story recounted in my bar examination review course that I loved.

A man was ticketed for stopping and parking his car in an area where it a sign was clearly and conspicuously posted reading “No stoping zone”. And what was his defense?

  1. “Stoping” and “stopping” are two different words with entirely different meanings.
  2. “Stopping” means “coming or having come to a stop”
  3. “Stoping” means “(in mining) the excavation of a series of steps or layers in the ground or rock. ’Underground stoping and work on the smelters had been very costly’”
  4. He was ticketed for disobeying the “no stoping” sign when it was undisputed that he did not in fact stope.
  5. He could not be ticketed for stopping in a “no stoping” zone.

He won the case.

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