High Quality and High Price Are Not the Same Thing

High quality and high price are not the same thing

The definitions of a high-quality lawyer and a merely high-priced lawyer are different.

A high-quality lawyer is a lawyer who is skilled and effective. When those skills and effectiveness are provided at a fair price, high quality lawyers are a good value. A skilled and effective lawyer who is overpriced is not a high-quality lawyer.

A client pays too much to any lawyer—whether a poor-quality lawyer or a high-quality lawyer—when the client is not getting value for the money paid to the lawyer. Clients often overpay their lawyers (regardless of how skilled and effective the lawyers are) without realizing it.

I’m no fan of lawyers or the legal system for many reasons. Providing poor value is one of my major (though not my only) concerns. People will make mistakes no matter how hard they try. Decent, reasonable people understand that, and they forgive honest mistakes. They (we) must forgive honest mistakes, or they’re (we’re) not decent and reasonable. In my experience, the problems with the modern legal system don’t stem from an abundance of honest mistakes, they come from too many of the participants in the system—from the judges on down to the litigants—putting their self-interest before the interests of justice and equity. There are some decent people in the system, just not enough of them to cure the ills that everyone else in the system cause.

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