How Do I Inform a School About Divorce and That Their Father Is Not Allowed to Pick Them Up?

Great question. There are many ways to do this wrong, so let’s start with those.

Just tell the teachers and principal and expect them to take your word for it; bring an uncertified copy of the applicable court order(s) or just the “relevant pages” of the order(s) and leave it at the front desk with Francine and tell her that you expect the school to comply. The right way to notify the school and the teachers:

  • make an appointment with the principal (or assistant principal, whoever is responsible for such matters) for the purpose of notifying the school and teachers;
  • bring a certified copy of the applicable court order(s) to the appointment and personally hand it to the principal/assistant principal;
  • then send a courteously worded (not a dictatorial) e-mail a PDF copy of the order(s) to the principal/assistant principal, so that you have dated and time-stamped proof of having e-mailed it. Include in the email:

o   a statement of the date and time you met with the principal/assistant principal and gave him/her a printed certified copy of the order(s);

o   a request in the email a) that a copy of the order(s) be added to the child’s file; b) that the child’s teachers be notified of the provision in the orders that your ex is not permitted to pick up the child from school;

o   a statement that you expect the school to ensure that it does what it reasonably and legally can to protect the children from being picked up the children from school;

o   a request that the principal/assistant principal verify receipt of the email and the attached PDF copy of the order(s);

o   an invitation to ask any clarifying questions; and

o   a statement that you appreciate the school’s and the teachers’ and other staff members’ understanding and cooperation.


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