If a Family Court Judge Orders That a School District Provide Certain Documents and the District Does Not Respond at All, Believing That the Court Has No Jurisdiction, Can the Order Be Enforced, or Is Something Else Going on That I Don’t Understand?

If the court does not have jurisdiction to issue an order to the school district or has issued a defective order, then the school district has every right to oppose the order.

If the court has jurisdiction to issue an order to the school district, and the order is valid, then school district is legally obligated to comply with the order and risks being sanctioned by the court if it fails or refuses to comply. However, if neither one of the parties to the lawsuit or the court itself does not take steps to enforce the order, then it doesn’t really matter whether the court has jurisdiction or whether the order is valid.

So, if a legally enforceable order exists, if the school district is not complying with it, and the court is not taking action on its own to enforce the order, then you will need to file a motion with court seeking and order and the action necessary to enforce the order.

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