Should mutual friends choose sides in a divorce?

There’s more to consider than just the mutual friendship.

Such as whether someone is seriously in the wrong. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) fail to report a friend for committing murder. Hard as it would be to do the right thing, doing the wrong thing is much worse. Likewise, sitting on the fence in a divorce case involving mutual friends would be wrong if you are a witness to one of the two spouses abusing the other spouse or the couple’s children, or wasting the family funds on drugs or a paramour, for example.

But if you are not a witness to any wrongdoing by either spouse that is relevant to the divorce action, and if there is nothing in either spouse’s conduct that gives you cause to terminate your friendship or to dislike either one of them, it’s likely the wisest course of action to inform your mutual friends that the divorce action does not change your friendship with either of them, that you wish to remain friends with both of them, and that you would appreciate it if neither of them would try to have you give testimony for or against either of them.

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