When my BPD ex filed for divorce, she went silent on me (provocations, mixed or erratic social media behavior stopped). I counter filed for divorce. Now she’s back to old behavior, unblocked me, jealousy baiting me (bluffing). What is her goal?

If you described your wife accurately, she’s probably trying to do to you exactly what you suspect: annoy, worry, anger, embarrass, and provoke you. You’re wiser than most to ask 1) whether you should be concerned and if so, 2) what to do about it.

I just received the book “Splitting” by Randi Kreger, Bill Eddy, William Eddy, and I’ve heard it’s an excellent description of what is happening, why it is happening, and what you can and should do about it. Let me know if you read it and whether you found it helpful. I’d love to trade notes with you about it.

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