Is There A Better Way To Conduct Court Proceedings?

A better way to conduct court proceedings came along (a long time ago): remote appearances.  You read that correctly: the courts in Utah can accommodate appearances by remote video conference. If you are disabled, don’t have access to transportation, have little kids at home you cannot leave behind, etc., you have an alternative to appearing personally in court. That stated, you often have to make a case for appearing remotely.

Some commissioners and judges act as though appearing remotely for court proceedings is unnatural, some kind of sin against jurisprudence. We clearly don’t need to appear personally in court anymore. And remote appearance technology is only getting better and more accessible. Luddites have lost this battle.

So what’s with the policy of requiring those who wish to appear remotely to file a motion for leave to do so (that means preparing, filing, and serving a motion requesting leave/permission to appear remotely, preparing, filing, and serving a request to submit the motion to the court for decision, and preparing, filing, and serving a proposed order on that motion for the court to sign)? Why create all that plainly pointless work for lawyers and for court personnel? Why not adopt a policy of permitting remote appearance upon filing a simple request with the court that will be automatically granted unless the court makes cogent findings that appearing physically in the courtroom is necessary and explaining why?

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