What Can I Do if My Ex Doesn’t Let My Daughter Come for My Parenting Time Which Is Summer? Our Divorce Is Not Finalized Yet.

I can give you my personal opinion (not legal advice, but my personal opinion) from my perspective as a lawyer licensed in Utah and who practices divorce and family law in Utah. You’ll need to confer with a lawyer about the specifics of your particular case, but I will give you my general take on the situation below.

In Utah, if:

  • you and your spouse are parties to a pending divorce case;
  • you and your spouse have made a written agreement governing a parent-time schedule at any time during the year (whether it be when school is in session or when school is dismissed for the summer);
  • you have an agreement, but the terms of the agreement have not been made the order of the court;
  • you’re upholding your end of the agreement; you’re complying with all of the terms of the agreement;
  • the date when school will be dismissed for the summer is in just a few weeks, or even just a few days, away;
  • but then your spouse tries to renege on the agreement and tells you he/she won’t comply with the agreement

then I would immediately and without delay file an ex parte motion for a temporary order (perhaps an ex parte motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO)) asking the court to order the parties to adhere to their parent-time schedule agreement and request expedited disposition. The longer you wait, the harder it is to prevail. You can request that such a motion be reviewed and decided by the court much more quickly than a typical motion if you can show that time is of the essence (meaning that unless the motion is decided immediately, you will suffer the adverse effects of your spouse’s non-compliance with your parent-time agreement). You can argue that unless the court upholds and enforces the agreement, both you and the children will suffer irreparable harm. See Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 65A for more details. While there are no guarantees the court would grant such a motion (every judge sees things his/her own way), your odds of succeeding on such a motion are, on the face of it, pretty good.

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