People Who Are Getting an Extremely-Contested Divorce W/O Paying for Lawyers, Need Step-By-Step Directions in Their State! If There Were Uncontested Divorces, There Would Be No Divorces at All, Because Both Partners Would Be Getting Along Perfectly?

Sure, they need that. It is a great idea.

Where there is a demand to be filled, markets arise to fill them.

It would be a great benefit to people going through an highly contested divorce to have free step-by-step directions, so that they would not have to pay for a lawyer’s help and representation as they navigate the divorce process, but for such things to exist requires someone to do an incredible amount of work (more than you’d think), and few people can or want to do that much work free of charge. Which is why such a thing does not really exist.

Cheesy/sleazy divorce lawyers will put this quotation attributed to Willie Nelson on their office walls and websites, but that makes it no less true for most people: “You know why divorces are so expensive? They are worth it.”

There are many self-help resources for people who want to go through the divorce process pro se (that means unrepresented by an attorney; also known as pro per), but none of them (at least none that I know of) can produce results of the same accuracy, completeness, and high quality that a good (a good) lawyer can. That is the hard truth.

Frankly, some people can file for and obtain a fair decree of divorce without an attorney’s help, but few have that ability (few have the guts, the time, the smarts, the physical, mental, and emotional stamina, and the patience to represent themselves successfully), and the more complex the case is, the harder it is for one to process such a case to a successful completion.  That is the hard truth too.

It is not that getting a divorce is all that hard procedurally, it is just that to those who do not know what they are doing, it can be intimidating at best and prone to committing ignorant errors that can be irreparable. If one has time on one’s hands and a cooperative spouse, they could pull off a reasonable and fair DIY divorce, but such circumstances in divorce are extraordinarily rare.

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