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Free attorney advice

Looking for free attorney advice? Please don’t. You get what you pay for, when it comes to attorney advice. Consider what we’ve prepared for you here:

Look, any attorney who claims to give a free consultation has to make that money back somehow, and he does so by either scaring you into hiring him or telling you whatever you need to hear to pay a retainer. Lawyers who charge a consultation fee are lawyers who value their own time, lawyers who aren’t desperate to get new clients to come in the door, and thus lawyers who are valued for the quality of their work, not the cheapness of their fees.

Lunch with the lawyer. No hassle, no risk, no gimmicks, just a great way for you to meet with us in a friendly, more relaxed setting and get our candid legal advice, without taking any extra time out of your day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll refund your money (less the cost of the lunch, of course). Call 801-466-9277 to schedule, or schedule and pay online here!

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