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Daniel Day, Attorney & Mediator

Daniel is an attorney and mediator whose mission is to resolve conflicts and disputes efficiently by furnishing sound legal counsel and representation as a lawyer and applying proven ADR and peacemaking principles as a mediator.  To contact Daniel visit his website here.

Heather Holmgren, LMFT

Heather is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in thriving and healing from grief, feelings of depression, anxiety or trauma.  Contact Heather here. 


Gary Klein, LCSW

Gary is a Licensed Counselor and Social Worker specializing in Behavioral Therapy. Contact Gary here.
Play Video: Borderline Cluster B Personality Disorder – Part 2

Sue Johnson, LMFT

A respected author, lecturer and therapist, Sue Johnson has devoted her life to exploring the endless possibilities of human potential. She is an experienced clinician skilled in a variety of therapeutic methods. To schedule an appointment with Sue, visit here. 


Randy Johnson, LMFT

Randy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist is an expert in helping individuals find their inner voice.  To contact Lewis visit his website. 


Michal Koncar, Loan Officer

Michal is a loan officer specializing in Mortgages.  Michal works for Security National Mortgage Company and can be reached at (801) 599-0777 or at

Rebecca Lucille, Psychotherapist

Rebecca is a Psychotherapist at Marmalade Psychiatric & Mental Health Services.  You may schedule an appointment with Rebecca here. 


Mary McFarland, LCSW

Mary is a Licensed Counselor and Social Worker.  She specializes in counseling for Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families.  To contact Mary visit her website here.

James Ott, LCSW

James is a Licensed Counselor and Social Worker specializing in mental health and addiction treatment. To schedule an appointment with James visit his website here. 


Ben Pack, Mortgage Specialist

Ben Pack is a Mortgage Specialist working for Bank of England in South Jordan, Utah.  Click here for more information about services provided by Ben.

Kyle Reid, LMFT

Kyle specializes in counseling for couples and families.  To schedule an appointment with Kyle visit his website here. 


Ricky Scoggan, LAMFT

Ricky graduated from Argosy University with his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in forensics. Ricky has 10 years of experience working with both youth and adults in behavioral and mental health field. To contact Ricky visit his website.

Jeff Carr, LCSW

Jeff is a Licensed Therapist and Social Worker specializing in treatment of depression, anxiety and trauma through Lifespan Integration treatment method.  To contact Jeff click here. 


Keith Stoney

Keith is a Licensed Criminal Defense Attorney and former judge who has a broad range of expertise and experience.  Contact Keith Stoney click here.

Steven Wyall

Steven has mediated in states other than Utah, send him an email here. 


Beau Babka

Beau has a wide range of experience in law enforcement and instructor, email him here.

Rob Aubrey

Rob has a wide range of experience in real estate, email him here. 


Mark Hales, Mediator, Attorney

Mark Hales meets with Eric K. Johnson to discuss his views on mediation.

Bill Downes, Mediator

Bill Downes meets with Eric Johnson to discuss mediation and the reasons he became a mediator. 

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