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How will it affect children to switch schools every other school year?

How will it affect children to switch back and forth to schools every other school year due to child custody agreement between parents who live in different states? 

Probably not well. Think about your own experience as a child. Did you move frequently? Have to attend different schools every year or so? I have friends and acquaintances who did that as children. They didn’t like it. Not one of them liked it at all. It was hard to fit in at school. Hard to make close friends. It was a persistent feeling of being a fish out of water. Their lives felt unstable because they were unstable. Candidly, this is one of those “first world problems” kinds of things. They weren’t scarred for life as a result of it, but they didn’t like it. They still resent it to this day. And it’s harder on some kids than it is on others. It’s hard enough navigating childhood and adolescence in familiar surroundings. 

If you and your ex-spouse have made or are contemplating making an agreement to subject your children to alternating living with one parent every other year and alternating schools every school year, I see nothing good coming of it. If, for some reason, you and your ex have no choice but to share custody this way, then you’ll need to work hard to make the best of it for the sake of your children. Odds are extremely high that the children are going to hate it and eventually come to hate each of you for it. Odds are also that when the children reach their mid-teenage years, they will rebel against it. If this is not an arrangement you must implement, however, do something else. You owe your children that much.  

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