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My parents filed an order of protection against me. Is there any way I can fight this at age 17 knowing that I’ve done no wrong?

My parents filed an order of protection against me. Is there any way I can fight this at age 17 knowing that I’ve done no wrong?

Your experience may be different, but welcome to what may be an experience that causes you to lose faith in the legal system. You are significantly at your parents’ and the system’s mercy.

The likely first strike against you: given your age, you can be treated much like an adult when it comes to penalties yet denied the freedom to present your case as you wish because of your status as a minor child.

The second strike against you: courts generally do not like hearing from children in almost any law suit and go out of there way to curtail their participation. Now in fairness, in may instances this is intended to protect children and in many instances it does have that effect. In other instances, however, it serves to do nothing but muzzle a child, denying him/her the full capacity to defend himself/herself or express his/her concerns, fears, and desires. The testimony and/or arguments of children, merely on the basis of their being children, are often dismissed as not competent or credible witnesses.

The third strike is that you’re a wild, scary 17-year-old child, boiling with hormones and irresponsibility, which makes it very easy 1) not to be taken seriously; and 2) to be on the receiving end of prejudice, especially when your parents accuse you of being a danger to them.

Bottom line: to say, “Trying to go it alone as a child in court is difficult” is a ridiculously glaring understatement. The unquestionably best thing you can do for yourself is to get a skilled lawyer of your choice, if you can, to defend you within the legal system and to protect you from the vagaries of the legal system. Nothing else will 1) do you and your case more good and 2) better improve your odds of being treated fairly.

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What is the most likely experience for kids who age out of the foster care system?

Funny you should ask, as I just finished up a conference at which a retired judge and family advocate spoke on this very subject.

The statistics are tragic. Those that had the greatest impact on me:

  • children raised in foster care have a 2.1% likelihood of graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree
  • adults who were raised in foster care have an extraordinarily higher likelihood of being incarcerated, unemployed, or dead within just a few years of reaching their 18th birthday
  • the two most common characteristics of people in prison are 1) they lack empathy; and 2) they were raised in foster care
  • children in foster care suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at substantially higher rates than other children

This speaker was of the opinion, an opinion held by many, that the foster care system is doing children more harm than good, generally. Given all the statistics that he shared, it would have been hard to argue otherwise.

Infographic | What happens when kids age out of foster care?

51 Useful Aging Out of Foster Care Statistics

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