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Do lawyers ever regret helping a client or obtaining a particular judgment?

Do lawyers ever regret helping a client or obtaining a particular judgment? 

Yes, yes, of course. 

We all know that there are plenty of lawyers who will prostitute their professional skills for money and litigate any case as long as the price is right. Clearly, those lawyers should be regretting taking such cases, but don’t, or more accurately, if they do regret taking the case it’s usually because it ended up being more trouble than it was worth to them, i.e., not profitable. 

But there are other lawyers who are good and decent people, people who want to see justice done and want to be a part of that process. I consider myself one of these kind of attorneys.  

Even these attorneys, who try as best they can to represent clients whose cause they believe is just, can be duped. And I am no exception. 

Good and earnest attorneys can be fooled by people with a good sob story or even a meticulously crafted cover. When these good and earnest attorneys are exploited by such people, these decent attorneys regret it. It reflects badly on their reputations and most of all, it upsets them to know that they were used and exploited to achieve unjust ends, the very thing they got into the profession to fight and prevent. 

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Would you tell someone that his/her spouse is cheating?

Would you tell someone that his/her spouse is cheating?

First, I need to make clear that my answer is in my capacity as just a member of the public. If a client of mine (I am a divorce attorney) was having an extramarital affair and disclosed this to me in my capacity as his/her attorney, I would be prohibited from notifying my client’s spouse of my client’s infidelity).

Second, let’s get two definitions down: 1) cuckold: a husband of an adulterous wife; and 2) cuckquean: a wife with an adulterous husband.

The question: Would you tell someone that his/her spouse is cheating?

My answer: If I knew it and could provide independently verifiable evidence of it, yes, I would. It may not be welcome news (to say the least) to the cuckold/cuckquean, but he/she does not deserve to be fooled and humiliated, potentially robbed of family resources spent on the paramour, and potentially placed at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease by being kept in the dark. It appears clear to me that I have a moral duty to notify the cuckold/cuckquean when I have the power to take steps to protect him/her and the family’s children. The truth may hurt, but ignorance will hurt even more.

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