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Do you have a desire to get married or remarried some day?

No matter how hard people try to argue against remarriage (or marriage, for that matter), for all but a very, very few of us the arguments aren’t true. Going through life alone is miserable.

If people didn’t care so much about how devastating a failed relationship was, they wouldn’t talk about it nearly as much as they do.

Everyone knows, deep down, that life is not lived to its fullest without marriage and family. Life’s purposes are not fully met without being a part of a marriage and family. Loving and caring marriage and family, of course (few people will argue that marriage is some kind of duty, regardless of just how dysfunctional or neglectful or abusive it is—there is a reason why we have divorce, after all).

Most people on this thread have acknowledged in one way or another that it’s in our nature to want one companionship of the opposite sex and to raise children together. “Neither is the man without the woman or the woman without the man.” (1 Corinthians 11).

People who have been burned by relationships many times, who were cheated on repeatedly and/or suffered abuse at the hands of a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse need to know marriage and family are too important to avoid and give up out of fear of being hurt. A life well lived is not without its risks and it’s struggles. Alive will lived is one that confronts and deals with it’s struggles nobly. A good marriage can’t exist without saying “I do” first. It’s worth that leap of faith.

That’s stated, any endeavor as important as marriage cannot be entered into lightly. Not only must you be careful in your choice of spouse, but you must be good spouse material yourself. A husband and wife need to recognize that a marriage is bigger than themselves individually. It may seem like a paradox, but focusing on the good of one’s spouse and family (not pathologically, and not at the expense of your own real needs, of course) is what makes us happiest in a marriage and family.

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