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Law from a legal assistant’s point of view, week 44: Mountains

By Quinton Lister, legal assistant 

One prominent geographical feature of Utah (where I am a legal assistant for a divorce attorney) is the mountains that surround the cities and towns of the state. I grew up in Colorado where there are beautiful mountain ranges as well, and among the many natural beauties of Utah and Colorado, the mountains are some of the greatest.  

I have gone on several hikes through the mountains here in Utah and Colorado and it always amazes me how tired I get when going on these hikes. Mountain trails are almost always more steep and rugged than we believe or expect, often resulting in inexperienced hikers finding themselves surprised at how tired—sometimes even sick—they become. In extreme cases, people die when they are not mindful of the elevation, the pitch, the altitude, and their effects.  

I have found that in the legal system, we also should be “mindful of the territory” so to speak. There are so many different nuances and tricky “elevation changes” in the law that one must know what they are doing to navigate it successfully. Much like an experienced guide on a mountain trail, a good lawyer can help protect you from hurting yourself, or worse still, “perishing” in any way on your journey. If you are in legal trouble, be smart and consult legal counsel, and do your homework. It will save you from mental, emotional, and financial exhaustion in the long run (and in the short term for that matter). 

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