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Divorce and Social Media By Braxton Mounteer

Most people fundamentally misunderstand what the Internet and social media are. Many believe that social media is a web of interconnections where you can send and receive updates about your life or the lives of people you are involved in with those who are connected to you. This is completely true, but not truly complete. Social media is like what happens when groups of people chat around campfires in the dark in close proximity to each other. The sound travels. Every other group can hear what you and your friends are discussing around your campfire. So can the things hiding in the woods.

Another thing that people misunderstand is that what is posted on social media is a nearly permanent record. Every post you make might as well be etched into stone. There will almost always be a record of it somewhere, whether you delete it from your personal account.

What does this have to do with divorce? Your social media activity isn’t a tiny echo chamber of your inner circle or your personal diary. You aren’t screaming into the void. If you air your dirty laundry on social media, there will likely be a permanent record of it, and—for anyone who tries hard enough—for prying eyes and ears to access.

What you do and say online can be used against you. And it likely will be used against you.

You would be best served by keeping your online “mouth” shut. Keep your social media “business as usual,” post the updates about your children’s milestones and major life achievements that you normally would. Post the funny meme. But don’t bash your spouse online. Don’t pour your heart out about your personal vices and demons online. Don’t discuss your divorce or subjects that can affect your divorce online. Some things are better left unsaid.

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