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Why do people not complain about people who shouldn’t marry?

Why do people complain about the high divorce rate, but don’t complain about people who shouldn’t marry? 

There will never be an effective, morally acceptable way to prevent the following kinds of people from marrying (and thus reducing the divorce rate): 

  • stupid people; 
  • people suffering from mental, emotional, and/or personality disorders and disabilities who can’t or won’t treat their conditions successfully;
  • hopelessly romantic and/or naive people; and
  • shysters 

But when people bemoan the high divorce rate, they aren’t referring to divorces that can’t be prevented, they are talking about the divorces that can and should be prevented, divorces that aren’t necessary or inevitable.  

Far too many people who would and should benefit from saving their marriage (and who are more than capable of doing so) give up on it far too easily. They wind up regretting the divorce (as well they should). That’s a shame. That’s worth worrying and complaining about.   

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“It’s pretty awful, but do you have a better alternative?”

“It’s pretty awful, but do you have a better alternative?”

I was asked the following question in response to this answer I gave to a question on

Here is my response to that question:

First, do not engage in dirty tricks. it’s tempting, but wrong. Very few people are able to make false allegations stick. They may get a momentary advantage from them, but few enjoy long-term benefits from lying and deceiving. Now I’m not going to claim that some dirty tricks are easy and effective, but that doesn’t make them any more right or justifiable to engage.

Second, live an upstanding life, ESPECIALLY once you become convinced your marriage is headed toward divorce.

Third (and very important, even though easier said than done), to the extent you reasonably can, ensure that you have independently verifiable proof that you are not any of the things of which you could be falsely accused in divorce.

Fourth (and very important, even though easier said than done), fight false accusations with everything you have. Some courts seem to believe a false allegation more the more the false allegation is made and/or the worse the false allegations are.

Fifth, regardless of whether you are falsely accused or not, when you or your spouse file(s) for divorce, get the best attorney you can afford. Divorce law and procedure and the legal system are not what you think they are, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can and likely will ruin you before you’re even aware of it or can do anything about it.

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