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What Are the Reasons That a Request for a Temporary Order Be Denied in a Family Court Case?

There can be many reasons, but it should all comes down to one or more of these most basic reasons:

  1. The motion for temporary orders does not have valid grounds in the law (in other words, the law does not permit the relief requested).
  2. The motion for temporary orders does not have sufficient factual/evidentiary support (in other words, the court finds the movant has not established that he/she is entitled to or does not need or deserve the relief requested).

Other possible reasons?

  1. if you had an incompetent attorney who botched the motion for temporary orders (in other words, you had a good basis for the temporary order but your attorney failed to brief it and argue it properly).
  2. if your judge is incompetent and fails to apply the law and court rules properly (in other words, you had a winning case, but the judge was too inept to realize it).
  3. if the court was fooled by the opposing party into believing him/her instead of you.
  4. if the court is biased against you and doesn’t care about doing you wrong as a result.

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What are the reasons that a request for a temporary order be denied in a family court case? – Quora

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