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What Are the Divorce Laws in Utah?

While visiting a lawyer’s website is not a bad place to look for answers to this question, it is not the best.

If you want to know the divorce laws for Utah, you will want to read the laws and court rules that govern divorce actions..

Here are the most important statutes to start with:

Title 30. Husband and Wife.

Title 78B. Judicial Code. Chapter 12. Utah Child Support Act.

Title 78B. Judicial Code. Chapter 20. Uniform Deployed Parents Custody, Parent-time, and Visitation Act.

Utah Code. Title 62A. Utah Human Services Code. Chapter 11. Recovery Services.

Read and become familiar with the rules of court that apply to divorce. Those rules (not all of which apply to divorce) are:

Utah Rules of Civil Procedure

Judicial Council Code of Judicial Administration

Ch 4: Operation of the Courts

Utah Rules of Evidence

Read—and comprehend*—good websites (not just any websites) that explain and discuss Utah divorce law and how it applies. Read about how divorce law is applied in Utah, read case law about it.

And you will want to meet with an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled attorney who is licensed in the state of Idaho to practice law to gain a better understanding of Utah divorce law generally and how Utah divorce law can affect you and your family specifically. Don’t skip this step. Don’t jump over dollars to pick dimes by fooling yourself with “Just think of the money I saved by not talking to an expert on a subject that will have a profound effect on the rest of my life but of which I know nothing!”


*reading (and listening to podcasts or watching videos) does you no good if you do not in fact learn anything from it. Pay attention. Understand what you’re reading. Just reading alone doesn’t educate you. If you don’t understand the subject after reading/listening/watching, then read/listen/watch more and/or pay closer attention. No “A” is given for effort.


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