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We know this was not easy.

But you’ve finally concluded there is no other realistic option. You may not feel good about your decision, but you can’t deny anymore that divorce is the right decision now. That’s a big step.

You know that waiting any longer won’t make things any better, and now you’re ready to take the next step.

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We’re here to answer your questions and to help you find the right fit for you and your family.

We know what brought you to this point.

In a way, all the misery and sleepless nights leading up to this may have given you the courage to move forward. You may be too tired and jaded to fear the prospect of divorce anymore, and you’re finally ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just got served with the divorce papers and know you have to take action whether you like it or not.

Regardless, the world as you thought you knew it has ended. You can’t avoid feeling lost and helpless to some degree.

How are you going to afford a divorce, much less a divorce lawyer?  How long will this take? What will people say about me? Will there be a trial

Do you hire a lawyer now?

We know that idea generally fills you with dread. We’re not offended. We know your concerns. Because we share them.

It seems that divorce lawyers by and large don’t care much about divorcing people. Or when they claim to care they don’t sound credible. Lawyers seem primarily motivated by exploiting your ignorance, your fear, and desperation. Everything about the legal system feels exclusive and aloof, like a good old boys (and girls) club. Paradoxically, even though you and your family are the reason the divorce case exists, it feels like the system considers you an afterthought.

Good lawyers have to be different.  We’re different by design.

We’ve seen the way other law firms and lawyers do things, and we weren’t impressed (it was hard not to be). We don’t tolerate mediocrity, and neither should you.

That’s why our website is designed for and by people like you—for your benefit.

  • It’s why we charge fixed fees, not by the hour.
  • It’s why our fee agreement is only three pages long.
  • It’s why we give away the information many lawyers use to keep their clients ignorant and dependent. It’s why we explain the divorce process without you even having to be a client. It’s why we continue to explain the divorce process without any additional charge once you become a client. And that’s how we give you the confidence and strength to face every phase of divorce.
  • It’s why we offer a money satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked, guarantee.
  • It’s why we stay in touch with you by phone and email more than you’ll contact us.
  • It’s why you receive, automatically, a copy of every document in your case the moment it is filed.
  • It’s why we want your experience to be as positive final as quickly as possible because that’s what you want.
  • It’s why we don’t have a lot of friends among our fellow divorce lawyers, but other divorce lawyers aren’t who we aim to please.

So your next step is to meet and talk with us.

Your meeting is confidential and privileged; you can share with us your story and ask your questions candidly without fear of disclosure and without being criticized or judged.

We’ll frankly discuss your situation, what matters most to you, and what’s at stake. We’ll explain the applicable law, your rights, your options, and then outline a plan of action we’d recommend.

You may come to us confused, curious, and anxious, but you will leave our meeting with clear understanding of what you face, how to approach it, what it will cost, and how much time we expect it take.

We know you want us in your life only as long as necessary and out of your life as soon as safely possible.

We know this is upsetting. We know this has come at an inconvenient time, to say the least. We understand. But it won’t get any easier putting it off.

Even if you’re not sure whether you want to file for divorce, forewarned is forearmed. Sometimes knowing what divorce entails is enough to decide the matter for you.

To get started, call 801-466-9277.

We protect parents and families in divorce and family law cases. It’s all we do, and we do it very well. No dabbling in any other kinds of law practice. We are focused exclusively on divorce and family law because doing this job well demands it.

Unlike attorneys who are too insecure, too arrogant, or too impatient to pull back the curtain on divorce and family law, we like to work with educated clients who make informed and confident decisions.

You had a family, a life and plenty of other things taking up your time, attention, and resources before the divorce bomb fell. The last thing you need on your plate is the demands and distress of a lawsuit.

Your lawyer and law firm should be people who deal with the court dates, judges, lawyers, and all the other details of a divorce case. We’re here to ensure your life goes on as undisturbed as possible.

Will this get ugly? Will lawyers make it worse?

We’ve been clients too.

If you’re worried this will get ugly, that’s all the more reason to take action now. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The more you know as much in advance as possible the more time and options you have working in your favor. Waiting for trouble never fails.

Meet with an attorney when you want to, not when you have no choice. Use an attorney’s information and advice on your terms, not when you’re in so deep you have to hand the reins over to you didn’t have time to get to know and fully trust.

Sometimes people get the feeling lawyers are litigious hammers who see everything as a nail. That’s true of some attorneys, but not true of us. We’re not lightweights in court. We know our way around, and that should come as a comfort to you.

General Eisenhower rightly said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” But Eisenhower also said, “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” We understand and appreciate the value of litigating and compromise. We don’t want you to fight a battle you cannot or should not win, but unless you’re prepared to fight, you cannot negotiate a fair settlement from a position of strength. That’s the way to get things settled with minimal involvement by your lawyers.

We do everything we can to achieve the result you desire, and we do it by educating you, working with—as well as for—you, controlling the costs, managing time efficiently, reducing unnecessary risks, and keeping you in control of your life despite the misfortune of divorce.

We’re different by design.

If you’re ready to get started, call us: 801-466-9277 |

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